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    作者:山東華通環境科技股份有限公司 時間:2022-03-23 點擊:


    Micro/SmallScale of Modular Water Purification System


    Today we arrive at the Yellow river, the one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization. The Yellow River here is so-called yellow because it contains a large amount of silt. So, follow me and let me show you how the system works with the process of water purification.


    Nearby the Yellow River, we can see a Micro scale of Modular Water Purification System .The Micro/Small Scale of Modular Water Purification System is the facilities which highly integrate all the process of the whole water purification system and other supporting equipment like electrical and automatic control.


    Firstly, we can see the floccutation unit. The water comes to the floccutation unit and the folded plates in this can easily be adjusted according to the amount or quality of water. At the end of this unit, a lot of floc are formed and you can see there are obvious separation of floc and water.


    The next unit is sedimentation unit. In this unit, we can separate the floc and water by gravity. Here is an innovative technology which isresearched and developed independently by Hotone. This modular has function of autonomous mud discharge and self-cleaning.


    Now,we can see there is a distinct difference between the two tanks because of the different turbidity. And the cause of the difference is the filtration unit. The water flows from top to bottom in which the suspended solids are trapped by the filter material.


    Now, you can see the operation space. In order to achieve the purpose of unattended operation on site, remote control and the phone applicationis necessary.


    This is the aluminium polychlorid (PAC) dosing system with the pump and the storage can. The aluminium polychlorid is the flocculant which we choose to coping with the water in Yellow River. That is the sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) dosing system with the pump and the storage can, too. The sodium hypochlorite is to destruct disease-causing organisms.


    The system can purify the surface water or underground water to the drinking water or even the pure water.


    Finally, if you have specific requirements like timely toxicity detection online or direct drinking water, come and contact Hotone!


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